Forward head postures lead
to chronic neck pain, one of
the leading causes of pain.

A weak neck is vulnerable to poor alignment of the head, neck, and jaw.
Tension in the upper neck and shoulders can limit range of motion.
Some may experience a progression of symptoms…

Upper-Trapezius Strain

Deteriorating Posture
Shoulder and Arm Pain

Studies show millions of people suffer from the effects of forward head posture related to sitting at the computer or hunching over a mobile device. And yet, very few exercise machines exist specifically for the neck and posture.


A New Solution
Dynamic neck exerciser turns your door into a “Progressive”
neck and postural exercise machine.

Simple, yet Dynamic

challenging 3 D resistance exercise
or early stage isometric


Therapeutic programs for “chronic neck pain” usually consist of individual stretching and non motion (isometric) strengthening exercises. Some may include decompression type forces (traction).

“Dynamic neck is a hybrid of technology
That combines all three!”

Gentle Decompression


Unique Shape and Patented design !

The unique shape of the helmet promotes muscle balance for good posture that starts with the neck (cervical curve).

The problem with upright posture, like sitting at a computer, is that it creates an unequal strengthening process that can lead to alignment imbalances.

Here’s why, when raising your head up on top of your shoulders the muscles starting the motion receive most of the resistance. As you raise your head over your shoulders, the muscles that finish the motion receive less resistance and do not have to work at peak force.

We reversed that process for peak force.

The helmet shape creates a mechanical “disadvantage”, and the resistance band provides increasing resistance loads to engage upper neck extensors with peak force to strengthen the upper muscles and reinforce the neck (cervical) curve.


The patented design of the helmet allows a “single” resistance band to produce 3-Dimensional forces.

Specialized 3D biomechanics requires balancing and promotes equal strength balance of muscles on each side of the vertebrae by selectively strengthening the weaker muscles to a more equal strength condition.

During the up down motion if there is a weakness on one side of your neck, it will result in the tendency for your head to rotate and side bend deflecting away from the center line of gravity. In order to move your head erect “evenly” you must employ the weaker side equally.

Directed toward “muscle balance” and “core strength”, the exercise is endurance based using low to moderate resistance bands for developing high repetitions.


Three different exercises for the whole spine

Dynamic Neck Exerciser offers three different exercises for reinforcing the spinal curves affecting your whole posture.

“Specific angles of resistance” of 1 dimensional isometric exercises targeting muscles of the head, neck, and upper back, inspired a method which includes specific ranges of motion and the lower back.

Head Extension Video


Base of the skull where tension often originates

Neck Extension Video


Middle neck motion & muscles

Head, Neck, Whole Spine Video


Full range of motion for most posterior or “postural” muscles

desk2-copyDesk work-out

Actual User:
I got my full motion back
after only a few weeks.

-Stephanie Parker, Arvada, CO
Palates pro, Massage therapist

Isolation to targeted area is so specific it
requires minimal resistance to be effective.

Maximum loading to the muscles offers Peak force !
And, continuous spring tension ensures no resting position
For a work-out that is fatiguing in 1-3 minutes.

Try Dynamic Neck Exerciser For:
*Balanced Strength
*Muscle flexibility
*Tension reduction
*Neck mobility
*It’s easy to use
*home or office
*1-3 min

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I had a C5-C6 ACDF (neck surgery),
(after using the helmet)
spinal adjustments have a more
lasting result… I have less
headaches and neck pain.

Thomas J Wicks, D.C. Vinton, Iowa
Practicing Chiropractor since 1988


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