Early on I was inspired to be a free access learner by my grandmother who was faithful for dictionaries on Christmas or Birthdays. Ironically, Mrs. Olive Edgeton received her PHD in Psychology from the University of Iowa in 1965.

Although she was centered in psychology she developed a balance and motor coordination ball for children. A large cage ball to be “entered” and simulated rolling around like in a giant hamster ball. It was considered for an athletic program by the Iowa school district but the Nissen Trampoline was decided on instead.

Although I have no memories of the balance ball, as I grew older I became Interested in strength training and made my own bench press in the 8th grade. But I began to have neck and shoulder pain from developing “military posture”. Learning the need for muscular balance for good posture I devised a simple but effective back exercise machine out of an old rail-road track. I then became intrigued with exercise equipment and the effects of specific exercises on the musculo-skeletal system.

This passion led me to body-building and fitness training. Fortunately “Universal Gym” equipment was showcased at the health club I worked at so I began to study exercise machines.

Eventually this interest in Kinesiology led me to self study a P.T.A. course and become employed as a work- hardening coordinator under Richard A Friedman D.O. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hurst Texas. Performing post injury and post surgery spinal rehabilitation proved the need for strength, muscular balance, and “ flexibility ”.

More importantly I recognized the need for an effective neck exercise that could stretch, and strengthen the deep cervical muscles, and isolate the suboccipital region for its suspected origin of pain and dysfunction.

I want to thank my family, friends, and clients who have helped me on this journey. Especially my Mom.