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Due to the complex motion of the head and re-positioning of the cervical vertebrae it is difficult for mechanical weight machines to create proper biomechanics and allow adjust-ability for different sized users. Very few exist for the neck.

Dynamic Neck Exerciser is a weigh machine helmet which uses a “resistance band” that allows freedom of motion for strengthening and stretching of the smaller and deeper “core” muscles of the head , neck, and spine. And for reflex movements that are more involved in posture and balance.


For proper bio mechanics  Dynamic Neck  helmets are sized to fit the user


Please measure your head above the eyebrow and use chart below.

Currently 4 sizes are offered:
XS SM Med & LG

newruleYouth and XL sizes will soon be available

Limited Supply
(600 Helmets)


$249.00 includes delivery!
Suggested Retail $329.00

I have had upper and shoulder pain for about 10 yrs.
After about 3 weeks the pain was almost gone completely.
My headaches went away and I was able to sleep without pain medicine.

-Melanie Plumb, Cedar Rapids, IA

Testimonies are based on individual experiences, Dynamic Neck Exerciser makes no claims to cure or prevent disease. It is suggested you see a doctor before using this product.

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